If you like “The Strain”, then you might enjoy…


The Strain is a splendid form of entertainment. And if you love it as much as I do, then you will love some of the following TV-shows, Books and Animes.

Dr. Ephraim Goodweather is the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with an uncanny similarity to vampirism. With help from a mysterious Holocaust survivor, Eph and his colleague has to stop this disease from wiping out mankind by attacking its source, a sinister supernatural creature known as The Master.



Naval Destroyer Nathan James is sent on what they’re told is a research mission in the Arctic. Later the scientists tells the crew that they are on an important mission to find a cure to a deadly disease that broke out as they left. They discover that it has spread to most of the globe and the worlds governments has fallen apart.

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I had read some awful reviews, but I discovered that it was a good show.

Both have a pandemic like spread of a kind of virus like disease. The outcome is of course very different. One is more fictional in that it turns people into vampire like monsters while the other simply kills people.


An extra terrestrial object has landed in the Atlantic ocean. The government actually has a plan for this, THRESHOLD. Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey, who created the plan, and a group of other scientists are gathered together to handle this crisis. Is this the start of an alien invasion?

This is a cool short TV show. You should give it a Try.

Both shows has a pandemic like disease that infect people with the intent to take them over.


Dracula has arrived in 19th century London. He as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to Victorian society; Nicola Tesla’s wireless power. But his true purpose more sinister. He is seeking revenge on the secret organization who ruined his life centuries ago.

Dracula is a fantastic show, but sadly, it looks like it might be canceled way to early. I am crossing my fingers for a new season.

Vampires, both shows have them. Dracula has the more classical type of vampire while The Strain has an all together different type of vampire.


Molly, an astronaut, returns home from a year-long solo mission on a space station. She tries to reconnect with her husband and son and get back to their everyday life, but something has changed. Something has happen to her that will lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.

Halle Berry is a sexy and great actor as always. Extant is a good show, I got bored at some parts, but it was mostly good. Worth watching.


Police officer Rick Grime awaken from coma in an abandoned hospital only to find out that the world has been overrun by zombies. He manages to reunite with his family and join a group of survivors as they try to stay alive.

The Walking Dead is an excellent series. It is strange how they can keep a zombie survival scenario going so strong for so many seasons.

Zombies and vampires, vampires and zombies. It`s kind of the same thing.


For centuries, humans have searched the skies for signs of intelligent life…to no avail. But what if the explanation lies in the fact that aliens were already here…already among us? And what if all the natural disasters were smokescreens designed to mask something far more ominous? For dedicated U.S. Park Ranger Russell Varon, a devastating Florida hurricane and its mysterious aftermath prove to be merely the beginning of a long journey into the unknown. – Amazon

Invasion is among the better sci-fi shows I have seen. Too bad it lasted for such a short time.


Liv Moore, a promising medical student, takes a break from her workaholic life to attend a party. This one choice leads to her becoming a zombie and her life goes trough some drastic changes. Liv takes a job at the Coroner’s Office to get access to all the brain she need, and in the process she ends up helping Clive Babineaux, a police officer, solving crime. She tells him that she is a psychic, but the truth is that she gets some of the memories and habits from the people she eats.

I like this show. The main character is witty and cool. Much better than your average CSI type of show.


Violent animal attacks upon humans are happening all over the world. Jackson Oz, an American zoologist working in Africa as a safari guide, notices the animals’ strange behavior. He starts to investigate his fathers crazy theories about how the animal kingdom will start fighting back. He joins up with his African friend, an American journalist, an American veterinarian and a French special agent.

Some find the premises a little strange. But it`s a sci-fi show, it`s not necessary to be possible to happen in the rel world. I liked the show. It`s not among the best ones, but its ok.



An ancient vampire is brought into New York by an immortality-seeking financier and infests the city with bloodthirsty, light-shunning revenants. Can two doctors, an elderly folklore professor, an exterminator and a gang member stem the monstrous tide? – Amazon

The Strain is a good book in a good series about vampires.



A disease has broken out worldwide with a catastrophic death rate. The Living Dead, Zombies, are increasingly attacking humans. In Japan, several high school students and a school nurse try to escape Fujimi High School shortly after it was attacked by zombies. Who or what was responsible for this plague, and can they survive this apocalypse.

Highschool of the Dead is a cool and short anime full of action. It is far from the best anime out there, but if you like zombie stuff then you should give it a try. The quality of the animation is excellent.

What do you think, are they similar to The Strain? Anything else you think should be on this list?

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