If you like “Roswell”, then you might enjoy…


If you like Roswell then you will most likely like some or all of the following recommended TV-shows and Books. I find them to have some degree of similarity with Roswell.

In Roswell we follow teenage alien living in Roswell. They attempted to blend in and live as humans while hiding their alien sides.



An epic Romeo and Juliet romance unfolds as an Atrian boy named Roman and a human girl named Emery encounter many dangers in their pursuit of love and peace between their species and each other.


Aliens have come among us, and they appears to want peace and to share their knowledge. After the uncertainty in the beginning they become a fascination. People have started to work for them and promote them. Agent Erica Evans, working in the counter terrorist division in FBI, discovers what hidden beneath the human exterior of the aliens.

V was a fantastic show that I truly miss. I wish it had lasted longer.


Kyle is a teenage boy with extraordinary abilities but he lacks an understanding of most common stuff. He appears out of nowhere, a kind-hearted social worker and her family offer him a home. Kyle`s abilities seem to grow stronger each day. Where did he come from, and who, or what, is Kyle?

Kyle XY is a good teen age drama series. I remember that I liked it very much when I watched it.


A young Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world as he learns to harness his alien powers for good and deals with the typical troubles of teenage life in Smallville. We follow Clark Kent before he becomes Superman and see how and why he becomes the man he later becomes.

I remember watching this when I was younger. It is a good family friendly show. It is interesting to see of Clark Kent was before he takes on is responsibilities as superman.


4,400 people who has gone missing over a period of 60 years is suddenly returned from a big ball of light originating from outer space. The government collects all of them up in a facility until they understand what is going on. federal agents on the case slowly discover that the victims have been changed. They have gotten special powers.

This is a good show, absolute worth watching. But be warned, this show got cancelled without a proper ending. The producers truly screwed us viewer over by ending it like they did.


Elena and her brother Jeremy lives in Mystic Falls with their aunt Jenna. Jenna moved in as their guardian after they lost their parents. At her first day back at school after her parents death she meats Stefan, a mysterious new guy. What Elena dos not know is that Stefan is an old vampire. They gradually grow closer, until Stefans`s older brother, Damon, shows up and acts like an evil bastard.

I remember liking Vampire Diaries at on point, but then I grew tired of the show. It is a popular show, so you should probably give it a try.

Roswell is bout aliens living among us, but both are teenage supernatural shows.


Joan is an ordinary 16-year-old, but that all changes the day that God decides to talk to her. The first time God speaks to her he appears as a cute boy, and he asks her to get a job. Once she’s convinced He’s really God, she does. Her actions then also affect other around her in a good way. God continues to appear to Joan in a variety of different guises to ask her to do things that mostly make her uncomfortable. But she has learned that some good will always come from it, so she dos it.

The theme song this show uses is Joan Osbornes “One of Us”. It`s good song and very fitting for this show. This show is actually very good. It`s a show with good but it is far from a preachy boring Christian show like 7th Heaven. Joan of Arcadia is a fun and quirky show.



There are two races of vampires. One, the Moroi, are alive and wield elemental magical. The other, the Strigoi, are undead and evil. Rose Hathaway, a half vampire, is a bodyguard in training for her firend Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess. They go to St. Vladimirs Academy, a hidden boarding school where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and half-human teens train to protect them.

Vampire Academy is actually a quite good teen paranormal romance book. I have actually read all of them.

Her you go, 8 recommendations from me to you. Do you have any to give in return?

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