If you like “Farseer trilogy” by Robin Hobb, then you might enjoy…


If you like Assassin’s Apprentice (Farseer trilogy #1) then you will most likely like some or all of the following recommended Books, TV-shows, Movies and Animes. I find them to have some degree of similarity with Assassin’s Apprentice.

Young Fitz, born on the wrong side of the sheets, is the bastard son of prince Chivalry. As a young child he is raised as a stable boy in the shadow of the royal court by his father’s stableman, Burrich, the stablemaster at Buckkeep. Fitz is treated as an outcast by all the nobles except by King Shrewd, who has him secretly tutored as an assassin. In Fitz’s blood runs the magic called Skill, and the more animalistic, and by most, the abhorred art known as the Wit. As barbarous raiders ravage the coasts, Fitz is growing to manhood, and soon he will face his first dangerous, soul-crushing mission.



For Azoth, a guild rat living in the slum, survival is precarious. To survive this brutal life he learned to judge people quickly, and to take calculated risks. Risks like selling his soul to the devil, Durzo Blint, the most accomplished assassin there is. Azoth does this in order to protect his friends Jaral and Doll-girl, but to be accepted by Durzo Blint, Azoth must turn his back on his old life and embrace a new identity and name. As Kylar Stern, he must learn to navigate the assassins world of dangerous politics and strange magics.

The Way of Shadows is the first book in the Night Angel Trilogy, an excellent book it is. The hours just fly by as we live the life of Kylar Stern.

Both books tells the story about how two boys are raised up to be assassins.


Yelena is sentenced to death for committing murder, but she is offered an extraordinary reprieve. She is offered to become the food taster for the commander of Ixia. This is a dangerous job where she risks assassination by anyone trying to kill the commander. The chief of security leaves nothing to chance and deliberately feeds her Butterfly’s Dust, only by appearing for her daily antidote will she delay an agonizing death from the poison. Yelena tries to escape her punishment but she gets tied up in rebel plots and here own newly found magical powers that she can’t control.

Poison Study is the first book in The Study series. It is an excellent book that is absolutely worth giving a try.

Both have an assassin theme and they follow one main character.


Richard Cypher, a young man in the Westland, helps out Kahlan Amnell, a young woman from the Midlands in trouble. She has managed to cross the boundary between the lands to see Zedd, of all people. She brings with her dark news from the other side of the Boundary. Darken Rahl, Ruler of D’Hara, has brought down the Boundary between D’Hara and the Midlands. Kahlan Amnell seeks a great wizard who had left the Midlands for the Magic free Westlands to have him Name a Seeker of Truth. That way they can find a way to defend them self against Darken Rahl.

I remember that I really liked The Sword of Truth. I guess i still do. I have read that some people complain about bad writing, that might be true, but I am very seldom affected by bad writing. I am more interesting in story and characters, and that it has. This book series is absolutely worth a try… if you have time for 11 books with about 700 pages each.


The High King of Osten Ard, slayer of the dread dragon Shurakai, lies dying. With his death, the Storm King, undead ruler of the elvishlike Siti, will finally be free to unleash his plans to regain his lost realm. Only the League of the Scroll, a small secret group with members scattered all over, recognizes the true danger. Simon, a castle scullion and an unknowingly apprenticed to a member of this League, will be tossed out in the centre of the conflict and the Leagues quest for the solution to a riddle of long-lost swords of power. Simon will be confronted with enemies straight out of a legend-maker’s worst nightmares!

I remember I was spell-bound by this trilogy. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn was one of the earlier fantasy series i read, and it was really good. All fantasy fans should read this trilogy.


This is the first book in explores a A Song of Ice and Fire, this series is set in medieval-like fantasy world where summers span decades and winter can last a lifetime. The characters in this epic story are struggling amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror in the only game that matters, the game of thrones. And in this game you either win or you die, there is no middle ground.

This is an excellent book series. It is sadly not finished jet, and it will probably take decades before it is finished, unless the author gets his finger out of his ass. But it is worth to wait on books of this superb quality.

Both are fantasy classics.


This is the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicle, a story that tells a first person story of a young man who grows to be the most notorious magician his world has ever seen. From his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, to years spent as an orphan suer rat in a crime ridden city, to his daringly brazen yet successful gamble to enter a legendary school of magic.

This book starts out a little slow, but it becomes one of the better fantasy books there is. It`s a must read for any fantasy book lover.

The main similarity between The Farseer and the Kingkiller Chronicle is the classical fantasy coming to age part. They are both also some terrific good books with a similar feel about them.


A hobbit gets a ring and the wizard discover its evil power. They have to destroy it, but only one place can do that. A small fellowship is formed to get to he place it has to be destroyed. Orcs and other evils try to stop them… You know the story, no need for me to tell more of it.

The Lord of the Rings is a classic fantasy book and a must read for any fan of the genre.


The people of Alera are bound with furies, elementals of earth, water, air, fire and metal. The teenager Tavi stands out from all other people in Alere, he has no furycrafting. However, Tavi manages to get by with brains and courage, even when every one else has the power of furies backing them. When his homeland erupts in chaos, when rebels war with loyalists and furies clash with furies, Tavi’s simple furyles courage will turn the tides of war.

Furies of Calderon is the firs book of Codex Alera, a finished six book series. This is an excellent series, and I absolutely recommend people loving fantasy books to read it.

Both Farseer and Codex Alera follows a young boy as he grows up. They both also have noble/royal blood in their veins.


Bingtown is a trade city notable for its exotic trade and merchant possessing liveships, ships with a magical sentience. This books follows one merchant family possessing a ship like this and a ruthless pirate captain searching for a liveship for his plans to take control over the Pirate Isles.

The Liveship Traders trilogy is set in the same world as the Farseer trilogy, but in a different land and with different people. Only one character are part of both stories. It`s an excellent trilogy, not as good as the Farseer, but absolutely worth reading.

This is the second trilogy in the same saga. The elderling saga.


Fitz Chivalry Farseer has lived in self-imposed exile for fifteen years, but he is now summoned back for a task he cannot ignore. Prince Dutiful, the young heir to the Farseer throne, has vanished and Fitz is the only one possessing both magic and thus the capability to track him down.

Tawny Man is another trilogy in the fantastic Elderling Saga. If you have read any of the others then this is a must read.

This is the this trilogy in the same saga.


Demons, possessing supernatural powers, comes up from the centre of the earth at night, multitudes and giants, from fire, wood, and rock, hungry for human flesh. Humans has to hide inside between magic wards for protection, or risk almost certain death. After centuries, human population dwindle, most of the wards forgotten. Three young survivors of demon attacks, Arlen, Leesha, and Rojer, dare to fight back.

The Painted Man (The Warded Man), is an excellent book, and it just the beginning.



The Legend Of The Seeker follows the adventures of Richard Cypher the new “Seeker of Truth”, Kahlan Amnell the last Mother Confessor, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander a wizard of the first order, Cara a warrior (Mord-Sith) as they fight for the people of their realm against tyrants and destroyers. The TV show differ substantially the books (Sword of Truth).

I have only seen season one, I was a little irritated that it differ so much from the book series. However, I do plan to give it another chance.



Léon is a professional assassin, the best in New York. he become the guardian of his 12-year-old next door guardian when her parents are murdered. When she want revenge he starts to train her in the deadly tricks of the assassin trade.

Leon is a really great movie. It`s a must watch for all movie fans.

Both have an assassin theme. Both also have a mentor assassin and an apprentice assassin.



Death doesn’t matter to Brandon Heat. Armed with his twin handguns and a coffin full of heavy weapons, he’s back from the grave and bent on crippling Millennion, a massive mafia organization with legions of undead monster enforcers. Driven by vengeance, Heat won’t stop until Millennion’s leader – and Brandon’s former best friend – “Bloody Harry” MacDowel is destroyed. – Amazon

It’s a while since I watched this anime, but from what I remember it was really good. I also thing that it might be ok for people who has not watched animes before.

They are not really that much alike. Not sure why I think they have some similarities.


The kingdoms of Lodoss have been ravaged by war for thousands of years. Now evil ancient goddess of destruction has been awakened by an evil wizard. A party of six is forged to defeat this threat, or die trying. Parn, a young fighter, is the leader these warriors and have to lead them into the heart of a land where dragons rule and evil holds controls the earth.

Record of Lodoss War is a great anime. It has much in common with fantasy books and it is absolutely worth watching.


In a world that humans must share with Yoma, demonic predators who feast on human intestines, we follow a young boy, Raki, who has lost everything to the Yomas. He joins up with Clare, a slightly older girl and a Claymore. Claymores are half human and half Yoma. They are detested by most humans, but they are necessary. They are the only force that stands between them and getting there intestines eaten. Clare and Raki travels together around on missions set by the Claymore leaders to take care of Yoma infestations. Clare is considered an outcast py her own people for picking up a young boy and for almost losing herself to her youma side.

Claymore is a really good anime. It might also be interesting for people who usually do not watch animes.

Her you go, 16 recommendations from me to you. Do you have any to give in return?

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