A short early drunken review of Shadowhunters

shadowhuntersI was looking forward to watching this show, it should have been right up my ally. I watched the first episode and was not impressed. The second episode I tried while I was a little tipsy, which I still am, but it did not help. I did not like the acting and there was to many cliché moments, which I usually don`t mind that much, but in this show it bugged me. The action scenes was also not anything to brag of, it together with the bad acting and scripting gives it a  power rangers feel to the show, and that is far from a compliment.  I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure that no one was watching me watching this show, it would be too embarrassing. But that might have been the booze.

Maybe I`m just getting to old for shows clearly targeting teens. But then again, I do love Teen Wolf and The 100, and they are also mainly targeting teens. I wish they could use more money making teen shows like this, maybe it would help. But teens probably are not that critical, I know I was not very critical of TV shows as a teen. I`m still not that critical as long as it is in a genre I like, which should tell you something about how bad this show is.

I don`t think I have read The Mortal Instruments, but I`m not sure. I have read so many books. It have happened more than one time that I have started a new book only to discover that I have already read it when I was much younger. I think I should add it to my to read list tomorrow, if I remember it. Even when the TV show dos such a bad job portraying the story it stills looks like a book series I would like.

I really want to like this series and I really hope it will become better. Even as bad as the first two episodes is I will still keep watching it in hopes that it will become better, from the popularity o the books it should have so much potential. I really hope it will improve. I know from experience that I can start to like a bad show if I force myself to watch it for a while, so if I suddenly start to like it you should take that with a pinch of salt.

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