About: A Fictional Universe

Hello, my name is Kim, and my goal for this site is to help you find something new to read or watch, be it books, movies, TV-shows, or animes. Hopefully this site will be able to help at least one person with this, but the more the merrier.



I love books, movies,TV-shows and animes, I have used so much time on it. Some would probably say I have used to much time, but can you really use to much time on something that you love?

My main interest are fantasy, science fiction, action, and some drama. But I do consume fictional works within other genres to.

I have read or watched every thing that I mention on this site. If for some reason I mention something that I have no personal experience with, then I will mention it. I usually listen to audiobooks instead of reading.

WARNING: I have bean diagnosed with week for of dyslexia and English is not my native language. There might be spelling and grammatical errors. You have been warned.

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